Sunday, September 20, 2015

I wanna be a Cowboy baby

I was at Mens Only Monthly and saw this newest James skin from Clef de Peau. Thought to myself, "No Tigo don't do it, didn't you get told you're not supposed to buy another skin creators stuff?" Well I don't consider myself to be a creator of anything, I love trying many things but I'll never become really good at skins. But Marco is, and it shows again on this James skin. James is a little more, "rough" if that's the right word, and with the freckles and the stubble and the new Meva hat, he looks like a cowboy you don't want to mess with..... Now get your mind out of the gutter and look at the credits :P

Skin: Clef de Peau at MoM
Body and head from TMP
Hat: Meva Cowboy Hat 2 also at Mom
Pants: Legal Insanity - butch black jeans
Shoes: Redgrave - LOMesh Sneaker Flyers

Shirt on second pic: Gabriel - Henry Neck shirt

The Big, the Bad & the Ugly?

I've never been a fan of big, unproportional muscled avatars. They're so unrealistic and kind of ridiculous. But I make an exception for Niramyth Aesthetic. Yes it's still too muscled, but wearing this mesh full avatar feels kinda nice, specially with the AO that just really fits with it.
 I'm not much into wearing the Niramyth mesh head, simply because that means I'll look like everyone else who wears it. I found out it's really hard to find a mesh head on Marketplace, the ones that had demo's turned out not so good looking. Some skin sellers try to sell off their skins as matching for Aesthetic...but they aren't. It's just a plain skin that you will have to adjust your mesh body color to, and wear the Niramyth neck/ head blender with. No amount of shapes they provide, will really match to your Aesthetic body perfectly. I bought a 3k skin from CG (Carl Go) designs, thinking the skin was made for Aesthetic. I forgot how deceitful sellers can be when it comes to making a few bucks.
Anyways children, learn from my mistakes :P don't spend your hard earned money on something you can't demo properly.
We'll just have to wait till someone is able to create a new skin or mesh head for Aesthetic and until then, a lot of existing skins such as the Samurai HQ skin I'm wearing, will do. It helps to wear long hair to cover up any neck seams.

Mesh Body: Niramyth - Aesthetic - Advanced Mesh Body - ENZO
Skin for default SL head: Samurai HQ Christian
Jacket & Jeans:  Lapointe & BastChild Designs
Hair: Little Bones - Viking
Boots: AdiXXioN Boots Military

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sunny Days

A lot has happened since I wrote my last post, so much I don't even remember. Ok, ok, that might also have to do with old age :D
I don't do people's profile pictures anymore. I simply don't have the time, plus it was very time consuming to please people who weren't happy with their avatar and expected me to create miracles on their pics. So I gave that up, and Alve and I moved to a homestead of our own. I'll post some un-edited snaps here and then it's time to go snore and dream of living in SL :D

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Profile Photography

It's been 2 months since I've posted, so I figured it's about time to change that. A lot has happened since then, but for me the biggest change was to decide what I was going to do here in SL while I'm being very unemployed in RL. I've always needed to have something to do, something to "fiddle" with, and I just can't go shopping all day or hang around uselessly in some club for very long. So I decided to take my Photoshop experience to a next level and start doing profile pictures for clients. And so far that is working out very well, maybe even too well hahha. I started by getting this awesome building from Neigeux, I love it, it's perfect for my gallery, and I think I bought pretty much everything else in that same store as well.

And ofcourse I took a lot of client pictures since then, I can't post them all here, but some of them are on my Flickr

If you're interested in getting your picture done, feel free to TP to my gallery to get a notecard with all the info you'll need. And don't worry, there is no spammy stuff there, and unlike some photographers, I won't spam your web profile with "thank-you-for-landing-in-our-shop" notes :P 

Anyways :D Yeah. Ciao!